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1976 Datsun 280Z

Chevrolet 377 V-8 w/ Turbo 350 transmission


G-Nose & ground effects kit from Motorsports Auto

Centerline Fluted Star Wheels 15x7 fronts and 15x8 rear

BFGoodrich Euro TA Tires 205/50/15's front and 225/50/15's on the rear. BFGoodrich Drag radials 225/50/15,s for the track

BRAKES Changed out the front calipers with 83 Toyota 4x4 Four piston calipers.

Motor Specs:

Small Block 400 2Bolt Main Bored to 4.155" with A 3.48" Stroke Forged steel crank. Comes out to A 377.

The Rods are 6 inch Eagle 3D rods.

The Pistons are WISECO Flat Top's with two valve reliefs.

The Cam is A LUNATI solid lift with 256/268 Duration @ .050 & 550"/571" Lift.

The Heads are DART Sportsman II's Angle plug 64 cc with 2.05 Intake & 1.600 Exhaust.

The Intake is A DART Sportsman Dual Plane.

NOS Never had it! NOS is for CHEATERS!!!

1/8 times: 7.97

1/4 times: 12.22

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